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Waterway Work & Waterway Grading


Heavy rains often leave farmers evaluating their fields and waterways for better drainage options. Schoppe Construction & Excavation offers waterway grading to improve field drainage.

water grading in iowa

Acres of waterlogged farmland have often necessitated farmers and landowners make improvements to their waterways. At Schoppe Construction & Excavation, we have the experience and tools to grade waterway soil down to the correct depth.

Graded Waterways Help Prevent Field Erosion

Waterways are shaped channels in a field leading to an outlet for surface runoff. They’re grassy pathways designed to prevent field erosion.

Waterways are best suited for natural field depressions or areas where water runoff congregates.

Ideally, waterways are built in a parabolic shape. The shallow “bowl” appearance is designed to guide water toward the center.

Water frequently finds a natural pathway through fields, and often these natural channels are the ideal location for a waterway. Proper grading and excavating will help maximize a waterway’s benefit to your field.

Reshaping and Grading Waterways Helps Improve Field Functionality

From time to time, even existing waterways need grading improvements. Years of water runoff will cut gullies through waterways. Reshaping and grading the area improves field functionality.

Early spring, before crops are in the ground, is a great time to improve your waterways and maximize your land management efficiency.

At Schoppe Construction & Excavating, we take pride in our work. Big or small, we dig it ALL! We’re dedicated to doing the job right the first time. We work safely and efficiently and can improve your field waterways.