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Sewer Line, Gas Line, Water Line Installation & Repair Services


Sewer Line Repairs

We offer a full service solution for sewer tile installation or repairs. This includes main sewer line repair, replacement of sewer lines, cleaning of sewer lines, and other sewer line repairs. Main people don’t understand their responsibility when it comes to the sewer line that runs from their home to the street. We can work with municipalities on sewer line issues but also with homeowners on the sewer line from their homes out to street level. If you have issues with the following give our team the a call:

  • Cracked Pipes
  • Punctured or collapsed pipes
  • Grease build ups
  • Tree root damage
  • Other blockages

Water Line Repairs

You don’t want to take clean, running water for granted. For most homes or businesses, water is delivered through a single water line into the building. If you notice water discoloration, changes in water pressure, or a consistently wet area in your yard or property, give us a call to check out your water line. We can diagnose if you have a water line problem that needs repairs or if you need a new water line installation.

Gas Line Repairs

Looking for a gas line repair team you can count on, Schoppe Construction has you covered. Your gas line is an important part of your home and it allows you to cook and keep your home warm. If you need repairs and need them right away, you can call us. Gas lines can age and corrode, and this is not a repair you want to wait on. For repairs or installation of a new gas line count on us.

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